As a designer, I enjoy pushing the boundaries of art and design and challenging conventional norms. I see each project as an opportunity to explore uncharted territories where art, functionality and conceptual depth are blended. Through this process, I strive to create unique works that spark the imagination and evoke a sense of wonder.
At the core of my work is a desire to foster new connections - both between materials and ideas, and between the objects I create and the individuals who encounter them. I believe that by combining unexpected elements and forging unconventional paths, I can give rise to truly distinctive pieces that provoke thought and spark conversation.


2023 - Window POP, Rozkošš, Brno CZ

2023 - Beautiful work, Czech Center New York, USA

2023 - Czech Design Week - Design for MILE Magazine, Prague CZ

2023 -  On Chair – Balancing on the Edge of the Comfort, The Design Prague, CZ
2023 - Milan Design Week, Centro Ceco Milan IT

2023 - Posel Krásy, Muzeum Josefa Hoffmanna v Brtnici CZ

2022 - Cena Jindřicha Halabaly - Brno CZ

2022 - Krásná práce - Gallery one, Prague CZ

2022 - 2 years of creativity, Kumst Brno CZ

2022 - Nové interpretace / Reinterpreting Josef Hoffmann - MAK Museum Vienna & Moravian gallery

2022 - Auction for Ukraine in House of Arts, Brno CZ

2021 - Objekt 04, Otrokovice CZ

2020 - Jan Rajlich 100, Moravian gallery Brno CZ


2023 - Academy of Arts Architecture & Design in Prague - studio K.O.V. ( led by prof. Eva Eisler, Study intership)

2020 - now Faculty of Fine Arts Brno VUT - studio of product design